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Nova Technology is the AI invoice, contracts and billing solution designed specifically for CEOs, CFOs and Accounts Receivable teams.

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No more patchwork invoicing

Boost cashflow and revenue, impress customers, automate process, gain real-time insights, integrate everywhere, and operate globally with ease.

Contracts as strong as an oath

Control and customise smart contract conditions, then track, trace and trigger with sensor hardware to avoid disputes and recover assets globally.

A clean bill of health for your bills

Delete overpayment and fraudulent payment with bill verification software that offers customers a self-management portal with drag-and-drop ease.


We lifted revenue by 12% in the first quarter, we spend less getting paid, and we’re now making data-driven decisions.

Global FMCG Company

We’re reducing risk at every stage, we’re forecasting more accurately, and of course we’re just making more.

Asia-Pacific Manufacturing Firm

All our payments comms are in one place, linked to everything I need, and the customer portal reduces my workload hugely.

Team Member—Accounts
US-based Logistics Company

Immediate boost to our cash flow by automating the dunning—and my CFO is freed up for the pitching and growth work that matters.

MedTech Startup

Revenue grew just from using Nova—and costs are dropping. The real-time intel means more nimble decisions in a volatile market

US-based Energy Wholesaler

Perfectly proportioned invoicing impact for CEO’s, CFO’s, and accounts officers.

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