Embrace the future

On the Path to a Healthy Balance Between Technology and Physical Activity

At Nova Technology, we understand better than anyone how technology simplifies the path to success. In the current digital age, we are witnessing a surge in innovative technologies that enrich our professional and personal lives.

Where people used to walk through the shipyard in all kinds of weather, there are now IoT sensors that continuously monitor and report temperature differences within containers. Workers only need to transfer the figures from their computer screens. Despite the fact that these innovative technologies simplify our lives, they also mean that employees are increasingly performing sedentary work and have less time to move around.


Our Mission

As a pioneer in the technological world, our mission is not only to share the benefits of technology but also to combat its side effects.

Nova Technology recognizes the importance of physical activity for health and is therefore committed to creating a culture where professional performance and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand.

With the 'Embrace the Future' initiative, we want to encourage people to find a balance between the digital and physical worlds by staying active and moving. Here, the youth, or in other words, the future, is central.


”We don’t believe in short-term actions, but always strive to be part of the solution in a structural way. By investing in sports and establishing the 'Embrace the Future' program, we aim to encourage the youth to move more.”

Rámon AB
Nova Co-founder


As a commitment to this program, we are now working with the Groningen volleyball club Lycurgus, which as part of this partnership will henceforth be known as Nova Tech Lycurgus. In the future, more initiatives will be added to the Embrace The Future program to encourage young talents and to increase awareness of the importance of an active lifestyle.

With the Embrace the Future program, Nova Technology wants to activate not only the youth to move more but also its employees. After all, an active lifestyle means a healthy future for later. Physical activity brings not only many physical benefits but also supports psychological health. Physical activity improves blood flow to the brain, reduces stress, and can even stimulate creativity. By facilitating sports subscriptions for our employees, among other things, we hope to motivate them to move more.

Support our mission and stay active.

Embrace the Future with Nova Technology and Nova Tech Lycurgus!