Accounts Receivables Brothers AB: ‘We have now passed the peak of the crisis’

Originally featured in Quotenet, June 2021
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Pascuál and Ramon AB are in Quote’s Top Young Millionaires for the first time with their collection agency. Is the corona misery good for their business, and is there still a lot of misery ahead of us?

As very young students, the brothers Pascuál and Ramón Ab decided to push their own student debt to the maximum, to – ironically enough – start a debt collection agency Nova Incasso. An adventure that has paid off: this year they make their debut in Top 100 Young Millionaires.

You can read here how and why as students they thought it was exciting to start an invoicing company. You can read how they made their software-driven agency a great success in Selfmade issue . Whether a look at uncovered receipts will blow through our economy this year.

Your turnover grows every year. How should we see that, is your profit the shovel in the debt quagmire of the other?

Ramon: ‘Certainly not. What you saw a lot when we started, is that collection agencies charged costs to the creditor and the debtor. Moreover, it was completely unclear to both parties what happened to a file and what those costs were based on. We believed that you don’t need to double invoice to stay profitable, so we only charge the creditor. And because we have an online portal where the debtor can view their file, it is very clear what happens with it.’

Pascuál: ‘Moreover, we mainly work business to business. There you also see large companies using their position by not paying small companies. Recently we were able to claim an invoice of more than €180,000 from a major energy supplier for our client, for whom that was an insane amount of money.’

You have already spoken out about the graduated scale that you must adhere to in your costs, and pointed out that the government does not have to. Why? That staffel keeps it neat, right?

Ramon: Right. We also do not think that the graduated scale should disappear from us, but rather should be introduced by the government. If you get a fine of 95 euros from the government tonight and you don’t pay it, it will be doubled immediately. We don’t have to get that into our heads.’

Margins are too high?

Pascual: Yes. I have almost no words for how that is possible, that you double a fine. ‘
Ramón: ‘People who are less well off can really get into trouble. A payment arrangement is also not easily arranged: you often have to send a dozen letters for that.’

You say you want to make the debt collection sector happier where possible. Tell me how would you do that if you were the government?

Ramón: ‘A good example is student finance. If you have paid off that debt, nothing will happen at all. Shame. Why don’t you make something more fun out of that? You can also do that during the payment, if you say: you know what, in your birthday month and the holiday month you can use a joker and you don’t have to pay for a month.’

Have you already paid off your student debt?

Laughing, both: “Yes.”