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Consulting & Professional Services -

The consulting and professional services industry racks up ample invoices.

It means an efficient, reliable, and robust Accounts Receivables (AR) system is a must for the sector—and a system that recognises its unique needs. So we built it. 

Discover a pile of AR functionalities tailored to the consulting and professional services industry—so you get paid faster and easier.

Time and Expense Tracking

Easy integration with time-tracking tools and built-in features to capture billable hours and expenses for accurate invoicing.

Project-Based Invoicing

Invoice based on specific projects, milestones, or deliverables—handy for firms engaged in multiple projects for the same client.

Retainer Management

Manage upfront payments and retainers and subsequently adjust invoices against these retainers.

Flexible Billing Rates

Perfect for hourly, daily, and fixed-fee billing.

Automated Recurring Billing

Facilitate automated and periodic billing for clients on retainers and long-term contracts.

Dispute Resolution

A structured process to track and manage invoice disputes and queries—especially important when dealing with subjective deliverables and complex projects.

Debtor Porta

A dedicated online hub for clients to view their invoices, payment history, and any supporting documentation and reports.

Payment Terms and Late Fees

Set custom payment terms and automatically calculate and apply late fees for overdue payments.

WIP (Work-In-Progress) Reporting

Generate reports on unbilled work and expenses, so nothing is overlooked.

Contract and Engagement Management

Store and reference specific terms of service agreements, ensuring alignment with invoicing.

Customizable Invoices

Adjust invoice formats to cater to specific projects and services.

Multi-currency Support

Handy for firms with international clients and/or those that offer international services. Includes accurate exchange rate calculations.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into key metrics such as average time to payment, client payment behavior, and outstanding receivables to aid strategic decision making.

Integrated Communication

Direct email and other messaging to facilitate seamless communication with clients re: invoices, reminders, and clarifications.

Dunning Management

Automated reminders for overdue invoices, escalating in tone or frequency based on the delinquency duration.

Integration with CRM and Project Management Tools

Seamless synchronization with applicable tools and platforms.

Clear communication, accurate billing, and flexibility are essential in the consulting and professional services industry. Our revolutionary AR system helps you to deliver these critical elements.

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