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Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities -

The energy and utilities industry overflows with invoices.

It means the sector demands a powerful and reliable Accounts Receivables (AR) system—and a system that understands its unique needs. So we built it.

Welcome to a world of AR functionalities tailored to the energy and utilities industry—so you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Regulatory Compliance

Billing that adheres to local, state, and national regulations, incorporating any mandated rebates, subsidies, and charges.

Service Connection and Disconnection

Automate billing and proration for consumers and enterprises connecting or disconnecting from services during a billing cycle.

Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Structured channels for consumers and businesses to query and dispute bills, ensuring swift resolution.

Integrated Communication Tools

Automate notifications re: upcoming bills, maintenance schedules, and potential outages.

Flexible Payment Plans

Structured payment types—including pre-paid, post-paid, and installment-based options—that cater to diverse customer bases.

Security Deposit Management

Handle and track security deposits, ensuring timely refunds or adjustments.

Automated Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile payments against outstanding bills.

Tax and Surcharge Management

Accurately calculate and apply relevant taxes and surcharges, like environmental levies and grid maintenance charges.

Self-Service Portals

Dedicated online hubs for consumers and businesses to check consumption data, pay bills, and report issues.

In a challenging industry, efficient revenue collection, transparent billing, and fostering trust with diverse customer bases are critical to the success of energy and utilities firms. Our revolutionary AR system enables these businesses to shine brightest.

Energy & Utilities Testimonials -

Energy and utilities companies have enough bad news to deal with—so we’ve made their invoicing future brighter.

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