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Finance & Accounting

Financial & Accounting -

The financial and accounting industry deals with countless invoices each day.

It means an efficient, reliable, and robust Accounts Receivables (AR) system is a must for the sector—and a system that recognises its unique needs. So we built it.

Uncover a number of AR functionalities tailored to the financial and accounting industry—so you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Time and Expense Tracking

An integrated, time-tracking system that ensures accurate billing for every minute spent on a client's account.

Fixed-fee and Hourly Billing

Adaptable for both fixed-fee services and hourly rate consultations and sessions.

Retainer and Prepayment Management

Manage retainers with ease and adjust invoices against prepaid amounts.

Task and Milestone-Based Invoicing

Bill based on the completion of milestones or tasks—perfect for audits.

Debtor Portal

A dedicated online hub for clients to view their service history, download invoices, make payments, and upload necessary documents.

Regulatory Compliance

Supports compliance with local and international accounting standards.

Automated Recurring Billing

Handy for firms that offer ongoing services and/or have monthly retainer clients.

Payment Terms and Late Fees

Set custom payment terms and automatically calculate and apply late fees for overdue payments.

Integrated Communication

Direct email and other messaging features that enable the sending of invoice details, reminders, and other comms directly to clients.

Multi-currency and Tax Support

Great for firms with international clients and/or those that offer international tax services.

Dispute Resolution and Query Management

A structured process to address invoice and service disputes, complete with record keeping of all communications.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into outstanding receivables, client payment behaviors, and service-specific earnings that aid strategic decision making.

Integration with Other Financial Software

Smooth integration with firms’ existing financial software or tools, ensuring consistency and reducing manual data entry.

Dunning Management

Systematic and automated reminders for overdue invoices, with the flexibility to adjust the tone and frequency of messaging based on the client relationship.

For financial and accounting services, trust and accuracy are paramount. Our revolutionary AR system emphasizes clarity, precision, and security to help you maintain and enhance client trust.

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