Invoicing, contracts and verification in healthcare needed a check-up.

Healthcare & Medical Services

Healthcare & Medical Services -

Managing finances within the healthcare and medical services sector is complex.

The industry requires an Accounts Receivables (AR) system that is incredibly efficient and absolutely accurate—and a system that recognises its unique needs. So we built it.

Enjoy peace of mind with AR functionalities tailored to healthcare and medical services—meaning you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Patient-Based Invoicing

Link invoices directly to patient records, ensuring that all services, tests, and treatments are accounted for.

Insurance Billing and Reconciliation

Easy integration with insurance providers to submit claims, track rejections, and reconcile payments.

Procedure and Service Code Integration

Consolidation with medical coding systems—like ICD-10 and CPT codes—for accurate billing and insurance claims.

Co-pay and Deductible Management

Track and bill patients for their co-pay amounts and deductibles based on their insurance coverage.

Recurring Billing

Efficient and timely billing of patients on a regular schedule, such as long-term treatments and payment plans.

Late Fee and Interest Calculation

Automate the addition of late fees or interest for overdue bills.

Patient Portal

A dedicated online hub for patients to view their treatment history, outstanding balances, and insurance claims and to make payments.

Customizable Invoices

Adjust invoice formats to cater to specific treatments, insurance requirements, and patient preferences.

Payment Plans

Offer and manage structured payment options for patients where required.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Gain key insights into service profitability, patient payment behaviors, insurance claim statuses, and anticipated cash flows that aid strategic decision making.

Integrated Communication

Handy tools for sending patients appointment reminders, payment prompts, and other relevant financial communications.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Robust encryption and security measures that protect confidential information and offer compliance with regulations like HIPAA.

Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Seamless synchronization with EHR systems to pull relevant patient data, treatment histories, and medical codes for accurate billing.

Dunning Management

Automated reminders for overdue payments, customizable based on patient history and the nature of the services rendered.

Dispute Resolution and Query Management

A structured approach to handle and record disputes, which recognizes the complexity of medical billing.

Multi-currency and Multi-language Support

Ideal for healthcare providers serving diverse populations or those in areas frequented by international visitors.

Payment Gateway Integration

Seamless online payment processes for patients that cater to various options, such as credit card transactions and bank transfers.

Third-Party Payment Management

Efficient management and tracking of payments involving third parties, such as employers and welfare organizations.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with local, national, and international regulations related to medical billing, patient data privacy, and insurance claims.

In the healthcare and medical services sector, accuracy, data security, and regulatory compliance are immensely important. Our revolutionary AR system ensures that billing is transparent, precise, and patient-friendly—all while adhering to the strict standards and complexities of the medical field.

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