We make hospitality and tourism invoicing an absolute paradise.

Hospitality & Tourism

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the most important and diverse sectors on the planet.

It relies on an efficient, reliable, and robust Accounts Receivables (AR) system—and a system that recognises its unique needs. So we built it.

Discover a feast of AR functionalities tailored to the hospitality and tourism industry—so you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Reservation and Booking Integration

Easy integration with reservation systems to ensure bookings are automatically invoiced and tracked.

Extra Services and Amenities Billing

Seamlessly add charges for additional services like spa treatments, excursions, minibar consumptions, and special requests.

Deposit and Prepayment Management

Track and manage advance payments and security deposits and easily verify that these are reconciled against the final invoice.

Cancellation and No-Show Fees

Automate the calculation and invoicing of cancellation and no-show fees based on pre-defined policies.

Integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Real-time billing made easy.

Guest Portal

A dedicated online hub for guests to view their booking details, outstanding charges, and payment history and access e-receipts.

Multi-currency and Multi-language Support

A necessity for businesses catering to international travelers. Includes accurate exchange rate calculations.

Dunning Management

Automated reminders for upcoming payment deadlines and overdue payments.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Robust encryption and security measures that protect personal data, including payment information.

Tax and Fee Compliance

Automatically calculate and itemize various taxes, service fees, and local tariffs applicable to the services provided

Third-Party Integration

Simple integration with travel agencies, OTAs, and tour operators for seamless billing and commission tracking.

Payment Gateway Integration

Accept and process payments via various methods for added convenience.

Feedback and Dispute Resolution

Handle billing disputes and feedback systematically, ensuring guest satisfaction remains high.

Group and Event Billing

Simply and efficiently manage billing for group bookings, corporate events, and conferences—including split billing and consolidated invoices.

In the hospitality and tourism sector, efficient operations and guest satisfaction are of paramount importance.Our revolutionary AR system allows for accurate and timely billing and seamless, hassle-free transactions that enhance the guest experience.

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