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Logistics & Transport

Logistics & Transport -

The logistics and transport industry deals with a truckload of invoices each day.

This means the sector demands a robust and reliable Accounts Receivables (AR) system that can keep it moving forward—and a system that understands its unique needs. So we built it.

Welcome to a world of AR functionalities tailored to the logistics and transport industry—so you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Claims and Dispute Resolution

Structured channels for easy reporting and resolution of lost, damaged, and delayed shipments.

Bulk and Batch Invoicing

Send consolidated invoices to clients with multiple shipments, streamlining the payment process.

Automated Reconciliation

Efficiently reconcile vast volumes of payments—particularly important for businesses handling numerous daily transactions.

Flexible Payment Options

Structured payment types—including pre-paid, post-paid, and installment-based options—that cater to varied client needs.

In a challenging industry, timely revenue collection, precise billing, and enhanced stakeholder satisfaction are critical to the success of logistics and transport businesses. Our revolutionary AR system speaks directly to these needs.

Logistics & Transport Testimonials -

Logistics and transport literally keep the economy moving—so Nova moves mountains for them.

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