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Manufacturing & Industrial Equipment

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The manufacturing and industrial equipment industries are pillars of the global economy.

It means the sectors demand a sturdy and reliable Accounts Receivables (AR) system—and a system that understands their unique needs. So we built it.

Discover a world of AR functionalities tailored to the manufacturing and industrial equipment industries—so you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Product Line Diversification

Manage billing across varied product lines, each with its own pricing, discounts, and terms.

Inventory and Shipment Integration

Easily link AR systems to inventory and shipment modules, ensuring timely and accurate billing post-dispatch.

Bulk and Batch Production

Handle billing for large-scale orders and batch production runs, accommodating discounted and volume-based pricing.

Returns and Refunds Management

Efficiently manage and reconcile payments related to product returns, defects, and recalls.

Multinational Operations

Handle multiple currencies, tax regimes, and regulatory standards for global operations.

Automated Reconciliation

Seamlessly reconcile payments against invoices—vital for businesses with immense transaction volumes.

Discount and Rebate Management

Handle various discount structures, early-payment incentives, and volume-based rebates.

Integrated Communication Tools

Automate notifications for payment reminders, invoice clarifications, and updates on custom orders.

By streamlining financial processes, manufacturing and industrial equipment businesses can foster better relationships with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Our revolutionary AR system helps to make that happen.

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Manufacturing and industrial equipment firms have their eyes on big machines —so Nova takes care of the nuts and bolts.

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