We thought the ones and zeroes needed some work in the IT and software sector.

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The software development and IT services sector deals with a mountain of transactions every day.

So it just doesn’t compute to have an Accounts Receivables (AR) system that can’t handle its immense volume of invoicing—and meet its unique needs. Which is why we built one.

Our revolutionary software boasts an array of AR functionalities tailored to the software development and IT services industry—meaning you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Project-Based Invoicing

Generate invoices based on milestones, deliverables, and project phases.

Recurring Billing

Automated invoicing for subscription-based services, support contracts, and cloud-based offerings.

Time and Expense Tracking

Easy integration with tools that track billable hours and expenses, enabling accurate invoicing for time and material-based projects.

License and Subscription Management

Track software licenses, subscription durations, and renewals and ensure timely billing.

Customizable Invoices

Adjust invoice formats to cater to specific projects and services.

Debtor Portal

A dedicated online hub for clients to view project progress, download invoices, make payments, and raise queries.

Multi-currency and Multi-language Support

A necessity for businesses catering to global clients.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

Accept and process payments securely via various methods for added client convenience.

Integrated Communication Tools

Send automated invoice reminders and payment confirmations to clients.

Retainer and Deposit Management

Handle advance payments, retainers, and security deposits efficiently and reconcile them against final invoices with ease.

Tax Compliance

Automatically calculate and apply relevant taxes—like VAT and GST—based on client location and service type.

Contract and SLA Management

Store and reference contractual agreements, ensuring billing aligns with the agreed terms and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Dunning Management

Automated reminders for overdue payments, with the flexibility to adjust the tone and frequency of messaging based on the client relationship.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Gain key insights into revenue by client, project profitability, outstanding receivables, and cash flow forecasts that aid strategic decision making.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Robust encryption and security measures that protect sensitive data.

Integration with Project Management Tools

Seamless synchronization with platforms like Jira, Trello, and Asana to access real-time updates on project progress and billable milestones.

Support and Maintenance Billing

Efficiently manage and bill for post-deployment support, bug fixes, and system maintenance.

Flexible Payment Plans

Structured payment options for larger projects and long-term contracts.

Feedback and Dispute Resolution

Handle billing disputes and feedback systematically to strengthen client satisfaction.

In the software development and IT services sector, accuracy, transparency, and easy integration with project management and collaboration tools are all essential to success. Our revolutionary AR system allows you to do business efficiently and build and maintain long-term client relationships.

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