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The telecommunications industry is a critical sector within our world and deals with an enormous frequency of invoices.

It means that an Accounts Receivables (AR) system that’s reliable and efficient speaks volumes—even better if it recognises the sector’s unique needs. So we built it.

Discover a world of AR functionalities tailored to the telecommunications industry—meaning you get paid faster and easier. They include:

High-Volume Processing

Capability to handle millions of transactions simultaneously, without delays or crashes.

Real-Time Billing

Generate bills in real-time to prevent backlogs.

Bulk Invoicing and Communications

Confidently send mass invoices, notifications, and updates to large customer bases without experiencing system lags.

Batch Processing

Complete high-volume, off-peak data jobs with ease for non-time-critical tasks.

Robust Reporting Tools

Generate data insights efficiently and speedily.

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Billing and invoicing is at the heart of telecommunications, and it was broken—so Nova fixed it for good.

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