With so many moving parts, wholesale and distribution needed a wholesale change.

Wholesale & Distribution

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The wholesale and distribution industry is big business, and with it comes a stack of invoicing requirements.

It means the sector demands a robust and reliable Accounts Receivables (AR) system that delivers every time—and a system that understands its unique needs. So we built it.

Unpack a world of AR functionalities tailored to the wholesale and distribution industry—so you get paid faster and easier. They include:

Bulk Order Management

Automate invoicing for large-volume orders, incorporating tiered pricing, discounts, and promotional offers.

Inventory Integration

Seamless synchronization with inventory systems to ensure accurate billing based on available stock, backorders, and pre-orders.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Handle billing complexities arising from various distribution channels, including e-commerce platforms, brick-and-mortar retailers, and direct-to-consumer avenues.

Credit Management

Define, manage, and monitor credit limits for different clients, adjusting terms based on payment history and customer relationships.

Multinational Operations

Manage multi-currency invoicing, tax implications, and regional regulatory compliances for global operations.

Consignment Billing

Control inventory provided on a consignment basis, billing retailers and clients only upon sale.

Seasonal Demand Patterns

Easy integration with forecasting tools to adjust billing terms and incentives during peak and off-peak seasons.

Automated Reconciliation

Facilitate the swift reconciliation of payments—vital for businesses with high transaction volumes.

Discount and Rebate Management

Automate volume-based discounts, early payment rebates, and other promotional offers.

Integrated Communication Tools

Send automated notifications and reminders re: upcoming payments, stock availability, and special offers.

Self-Service Portals

Dedicated online hubs for retailers and clients to view order statuses, make payments, and manage their credit terms.

Flexible Payment Terms

Structured payment terms—including net terms, COD, and staggered payments—that cater to varied client needs.

Timely revenue collection is critical to wholesalers and distributors. Our revolutionary AR system helps to make the process smooth and efficient.

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