Improving Accounts Receivables Processes & Increasing Cash Flow

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This comprehensive eBook “Improving Accounts Receivables Processes & Increasing Cash Flow – A Guide for Success is teeming with all the expert tips you need on how to increase your cash flow and make a science of Accountants Receivables.

It’s jam-packed with all the handy hints and inside info you need on how to transform your Accounts Receivables and help you make a science of getting paid.

Who is
Nova Technology

Great businesses reach their futures fast. But they’re held back by bad invoicing, bad contracts, and bad billing systems—financial fossils that impact cash flow, costs and compliance.

So with tech getting smarter every day, enterprise invoicing needed a revolution. So, we invented it.

We made the AI-invoicing suite from tomorrow that thinks you should be paid yesterday.

We make a science of getting paid

The proven platform that boosts your cash flow and reinvents your payment capability.

  • Ellipse Optimise financial performance with better cash flow and fewer bad debts.
  • Ellipse Drive business growth and scale wherever the profit takes you with multi-region support.
  • EllipseMake data-driven decisions with microscopic analytics and big picture insights.
  • EllipseEnjoy happy customers who pay on time and become your biggest advocates.
  • EllipseManage risk and compliance with tools that seem to know the future.

You'll be in great company.

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We lifted revenue by 12% in the first quarter, we spend less getting paid, and we’re now making data-driven decisions.

Global FMCG Company

We’re reducing risk at every stage, we’re forecasting more accurately, and of course we’re just making more.

Asia-Pacific Manufacturing Firm

All our payments comms are in one place, linked to everything I need, and the customer portal reduces my workload hugely.

Team Member—Accounts
US-based Logistics Company

Immediate boost to our cash flow by automating the dunning—and my CFO is freed up for the pitching and growth work that matters.

MedTech Startup

Revenue grew just from using Nova—and costs are dropping. The real-time intel means more nimble decisions in a volatile market

US-based Energy Wholesaler