Nova Technology Acquires Majority Stake in Lycurgus Volleyball Club

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Nova Technology, an originally Dutch multinational founded by Ramón and Pascuál AB, announces its acquisition of a majority shareholder in the Groningen volleyball club Lycurgus.

This move transforms Lycurgus into the first Dutch volleyball club to have a paid board and a Supervisory Board, rebranding it as Nova Tech Lycurgus. Known for being a three-time Dutch Champion and five-time Cup winner, this acquisition marks a significant milestone in the club’s history.

The acquisition is part of Nova’s “Embrace the Future” program, aimed at motivating the youth to be more physically active.

Nova Tech Lycurgus is set to embark on its first European match of the season at the renowned MartiniPlaza sports arena on November 29th. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday, November 9th at 1:30 PM, where Ramón AB, Arie Wink, and Joop Alberda will elaborate on the acquisition and outline future plans for the club.

“The investment in Lycurgus feels like a logical step to us.”
–Ramón AB, co-founder of Nova Technology

… we started our business in Groningen and I immediately fell in love with the sport of volleyball while watching the first match. We are always looking for ways to make a positive social contribution, because growing technology means that more and more Dutch people are doing sedentary work, while exercise is so important. We do not believe in short-term actions, but always strive to be part of the solution in a structural way. By investing in sports, we can encourage youth to exercise and take Lycurgus to a higher level through our Embrace the Future program.”

This acquisition represents the first instance of a Dutch company taking ownership of a volleyball club. In line with Nova’s philosophy of driving change through excellence and sustainable solutions, the partnership aims to inspire young people and bring them closer to elite sports.

Joop Alberda was recruited because of his impressive work as a volleyball coach and technical director at NOC*NSF, has been appointed as the new general manager of Nova Tech Lycurgus. The “Embrace the Future” program will also be a focal point for Lycurgus, encouraging youth participation and activity.

“Together, we are committed to leveraging our shared ambition for Lycurgus and the sport to inspire and entertain a broad audience.”
–Arie Wink, chairman of the Top Volleyball Groningen Foundation

… This opportunity is a rarity. My five-year association with Lycurgus has shown me the challenge of engaging corporate support in elite sports. Nova Technology’s partnership not only brings a new vigor to Lycurgus but also sets a precedent for corporate involvement in sports…