What Is the Best Invoicing Software? We’ll Show You…

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The question of what is the best invoicing software is commonly asked by businesses of all types. The answer is Invoque—and we’ll show you why…

ROI. It’s an acronym commonly thrown around in professional circles. 

Receiving the best Return on Investment is critical in all facets of business.

That extends to implementing invoicing software.

So, what if we told you that integrating Nova Technology’s revolutionary invoicing software into your organization has the capacity to deliver an ROI that is unparalleled in its field? 

Sure, it’s a big call. But we’re supremely confident that the claim stacks up. 

As soon as we entered the world of invoicing and billing some years ago, we noticed that the industry had a major flaw…

There were far too many bad debts and missed revenue opportunities resulting from substandard invoicing software—software that delivered a poor ROI.

So, we built the solution: Invoque. 

What is Invoque?

It’s an AI-driven enterprise invoicing software solution that boosts revenue and automates receivables like no other product on the market. 

Or as Nova Technology Director, Pascual AB, describes it: “Like Accounts Receivables on steroids.”

Utilizing dunning automation to simplify the collection process and enhance cash flow, Invoque can lay claim to being the best invoicing software on the market—as it is proven to reduce costs and automate processes.

In turn, this enables businesses to drive revenue, create stronger customer relationships, and increase staff productivity and morale.

We’re going to focus on those two key areas—reducing costs and automating processes—to demonstrate Invoque’s immense capabilities and how they equate to a much-elevated ROI. 

How Invoque Reduces Costs

There are several tangible ways in which Invoque reduces costs, substantiating a claim that this is the best invoice and payment software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They include:

  • Significantly reducing duplicate work—in some cases by up to 90%
  • Considerably reducing resolution times due to streamlined processes, centralized information, and automated communications
  • Improving cash flow, as faster dispute resolutions mean payments are processed quicker. This increases the speed of cash inflow, which reduces the day’s sales outstanding (DSO) metric—benefitting a company’s liquidity position
  • Improving accuracy that sharply reduces invoice disputes and creates faster payment times, therefore enhancing client trust and satisfaction

The importance of the last point should not be understated. 

In our experience, happy customers are more likely to pay promptly in the future and maintain long-term relationships with a business—and crucially, this increases lifetime customer value. 

How Invoque Automates Processes

If you’re to be the best invoicing and accounts receivables software solution, you must have a clear focus on automating processes.

The automation provided by Invoque doesn’t merely make tasks easier—it redefines roles

Invoque’s automation functionality allows employees to transition from being bogged down by manual, repetitive tasks to focusing on more strategic, value-add activities. 

The hours saved can be redirected towards improving client relationships, strategizing for better cash flow, or even exploring new revenue opportunities. 

It all leads to a more productive and profitable operation—and demonstrates the significant ROI that is available by adopting this software into your business.

How is this achieved exactly? Well, Invoque’s automation capabilities extend to the following areas:

  • Streamlined communication via integrated tools to automatically send invoice reminders, update clients on payment status, or alert internal teams about specific account details
  • Instantaneous error checks: the software has the ability to instantly flag discrepancies, saving employees time with troubleshooting or cross-referencing
  • Auto-generated invoices based on predefined rules that are dispatched electronically
  • Automatic follow-ups for overdue payments, eliminating the need for employees to track and chase these manually
  • Real-time reports that can be accessed at the click of a button and even scheduled to be sent
  • Customized dashboards that provide role-relevant access and insights

Clearly, Invoque possesses robust dispute management capabilities. But what about ease of use? 

Fortunately, the software has a simple-to-use interface and intuitive UX, meaning it’s the perfect software solution for clients and their customers.

And it provides multi-lingual and multi-region support, too.

Get Your Hands on What Is the Best Invoicing Software, Undoubtedly 

While we think we have created the best invoice and payment software available, don’t just take our word for it. 

Run the numbers for yourself. 

Our ROI calculator gives you the opportunity to see how much your business could save. 

Simply punch in a few figures and you’ll receive a dedicated ROI report that breaks down the cost savings tailored to your business.

Build your future with the technology that thinks you should be paid yesterday.

Still Not Convinced? 

Clearly, we are passionate about our product and believe it can completely change the way your business handles invoicing.

But if you need further convincing, we encourage you to book a demo to find out more about Invoque or our other leading invoicing, contracts, and bill verification solutions.

Because at Nova Technology, we make a science of getting paid.